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I'm Rachel, and this is my new online home, my own little corner of the internet - and I'm going to fill it (in a minimalist sort of way) with all the things I like the most - food, people, travel, stories, simplicity and living beautifully.

That's not to say a beautiful life is not also a real life - and of course not every day of anyone's life is going to be filled with sunshine, beaches, puppies, campfires and roses - but I believe in noticing the sparkle of the raindrops on leaves when life gives us a downpour, and in appreciating the everyday beauty of everyday things.  

Rachel Walder Perranporth Cornwall beach
Rachel Walder puppies cockerpoo
Rachel Walder campfire Devon
Rachel Walder roses London my beautiful life

Taking time to cut my morning orange into segments to eat with a fork while I have my coffee.  

The smell of tomatoes in a greenhouse.  Fruit and vegetables from my dad's garden. My sister giving my niece and me the same plaits in our hair.

Making table-pictures with seashells.

All the little things.

Rachel Walder tomatoes greenhouse Norfolk
Rachel Walder apples and garlic from the garden
Rachel Walder braids plaits
Rachel Walder seashells Cornwall

And lots of my favourite things come together in the form of my monthly supperclub, The Tiniest Thai.  

Four guests a time come to my real-world home to meet and talk and eat a tasting menu of around eight dishes. 

But it's not realistic that tout le monde can actually come round for dinner, so you'll also find here all my recipes.  I love to share my favourite dishes and to share how simple it can be to cook some delicious and authentic Thai food at home with few, if any, specialist ingredients. 

Most of the recipes are Thai, yes, but there are other cuisines here too - some dishes are mine and some shared by people I meet who've talked to me about their food and family memories and shared recipes that are important to them.  

I love these conversations and learning new dishes, and hope you do too. 

So make yourself at home and - if you find you like it here - pop your details in the sign-up box below to keep in touch with what's happening. 

Have a beautiful day, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Thanks for visiting! 


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